Certification to a management system standard follow a three-year certification cycle and is a process that consists granting and maintaining certification.
Starting with initial certification or recertification (granting certification) and then followed by surveillance audits (Maintaining certification)
Granting certification

An initial certification audit, recertification audit or a transfer audit is conducted by iCert.

– auditing of information and evidence about conformity to all requirements of the applicable management system standard and operational control of a client’s processes is conducted.

A decision for granting certification is made by iCert. This decision is made based on the information provided by the audit team.

The certificate is issued and then maintaining certification starts.

Maintaining certification

To maintain certification a client must demonstrate that they continue to satisfy the requirements of the applicable management system standard.

This is done by conducting surveillance audits at six monthly/ twelve monthly basis.

Expanding Certification Scope

This is a process where a client would like a change to the existing scope of certification.

This can be done during any stage of the certification process.

A review of this application is required by iCert, followed by a decision whether or not extension may be granted.

Suspending, withdrawing, reducing the scope of certification

Certification of a management system certification will be suspended if

1. The client’s management system persistently fails to meet the certification requirements;

2. The certified client does not allow audits to be conducted at the frequencies stipulated;

3. Or the certified client has voluntary requested for suspension

Under suspension a certified clients management system is temporarily invalid. Only once the issue that has led to suspension has been resolved, shall the certification be restored. Should the issue that led to suspension not be resolved, this will lead to withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification.

Refusing Certification

iCert reserves the right to refuse certification, should we not be able to offer the scope of certification sought, or to issue a certificate for the applicable management system standard, where in iCert’s opinion the client does not comply with law, the applicable management system requirements and/or iCert’s conditions of certification.