i-cert, as an accredited certification body, strives to serve our Customers through a total commitment to integrity, service excellence and customer satisfaction.
To ensure the credibility of our accreditation we will at all times comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021:2015 and the latest IAF guidelines on implementation of this Standard, as well as the requirements laid down by our accreditation body, SANAS.
With the involvement of both our own staff, as well as carefully screened, selected and competent subcontractors we will continuously strive for a high level of quality in every activity.
We will strive to meet the needs and requirements of our Customers, and consistently aim to exceed their expectations.
i-cert aims to certify all types industry, depending on our ability to obtain the necessary SANAS codes
We understand the importance of impartiality, ensure objectivity and that no conflict of interest exists in carrying out management system certification activities.
Though our formally documented management system, we ensure continuous improvement in our customer services.
This is consistent with our commitment to play a positive role in the certification environment and ensure that we act, and are perceived as a, responsible, trustworthy and sincere certification body.
Adherence to the letter as well as the spirit of certification requirements is the responsibility of every member of the i-cert team.
The i-cert team strives to:
– Provide ethical certification with reliable service;
– be flexible remaining within the requirements of accreditation
– Expand our business, without sacrificing integrity;
– Maintain a close and professional relationship with our customers;
– Meet all contractually agreed requirements &
– Continuously improve the effectiveness of our Management System.
Approved by:
Jan de Raedt
Managing Director
06 April 2020